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Our Goals

DRESS.O.S has developed an app dedicated to making every morning easier. Our app serves the user by providing them with fashionable outfits based on weather, occasion, trend, and style! This app helps organize customers’ closets as well as assist in picking out outfits based on personal preference and manner. With our outfit arranger, we present buyers with the trendiest and most appropriate outfits. Through our service, we wish to instill confidence in our customers with the outfits they wear without having to purchase new clothing. Our vision is to create a successful app that helps individuals dress for every occasion, with clothing items already owned, no matter the circumstance. We offer the highest quality service to each and every one of our loyal customers.


Why We Do What We Do

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of Textile Resources

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to stay Fashionable and Fresh


Our Core

The basis for the concept of sustainability in the world of consumerism is buying items produced efficiently. We here at DRESS.O.S have recognized and acknowledge the rapid increase of textile waste annually. 


While we are dedicated to the time and efficiency of our customers, we have a goal to not only provide help to those with their fast-paced lives, but we have a dedication to preserving the environment. 

Using our app will allow our customers to not only help keep their closets fresh and neat, but they can help contribute to our cause of decreasing textile waste around the nation. 


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